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  • Laura Levites

    Laura Levites View Profile

      Laura Levites is a professional stand-up comedian from New York City.  She has toured with Lisa Lampanelli, was featured in Comedy Central's Meet the Creeps and goes up, nightly, in Los Angeles.   She is not for sensitive types. Her brutal honesty will weed most people off like medical schools do when they test on the hardest material to see what students actually want to be...

  • Barry Levitt

    Barry Levitt View Profile

    Musical Director Barry Levitt has been an active, forceful, award-winning presence within the New York musical community for over three decades. He was the music director and arranger for Catskills On Broadway and Swinging On A Star on Broadway as well as Langston in Harlem, Little Shop Of Horrors and Taking My Turn Off-Broadway. He has been Music Director, Pianist and Arranger for numerous night ...

  • Bob Levy

    Bob Levy View Profile

    "Reverend" Bob Levy is a stand-up comedian and radio personality who participates in and helps produce Howard Stern's roasts, he is also a regular guest of the Stern show. He attended high school in Staten Island, NY. Levy co-hosts Miserable Men on Sirius Satellite Radio's Howard 101 with Shuli, Mike Morse and Al Rosenberg every Sunday night on Howard 101 from 7-9 Eastern. He appears in the The Ki...

  • Cash Levy

    Cash Levy View Profile

    Cash Levy has appeared numerous times on Comedy Central, Fox, NBC, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS), Comics Unleashed, Comedy.TV and is a regular at the Hollywood Improv. He can be heard daily on Sirius XM Radio, and has been heard on The Bob and Tom Show. With fifteen years of standup comedy expertise and national exposure, Cash has entertained to sold out comedy clubs throughout t...

  • Dan Levy

    Dan Levy View Profile

    After enrolling in Emerson College in Boston, Dan began performing at open mics and other strange venues—where people were more focused on their beer than what the wannabe comics were saying. As a sophomore in college, Dan was chosen to compete at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, CO, where he won the title of Funniest College Comedian. Since then Dan has been seen at the ...

  • David Lew

    David Lew View Profile

    Bio As soon as he steps on the stage; he’s home. David Lew was born to entertain. Hailing from Northern California, David has been making fans and friends alike on his travels across the U.S. and the rest of the world. Recently, he’s been showcased on The Food Network hit TV show “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” and was also briefly on season 4 of “Last Comic Standing.” David is currently in develop...

  • Tony Lewellen

    Tony Lewellen View Profile

    Tony Lewellen is an actor, improvisor and born again coffee drinker.   Birthed in Indiana, trained in Chicago, and currently performing and teaching in Los Angeles; with a deep love for the art form and the community that it fosters.   For years, Tony was on the award winning house team U.S.S.  Rock n Roll at I.O. West.  He can currently be seen in the show NOW at ...

  • Ben Lewis

    Ben Lewis View Profile

      Ben is a calm performer who's jokes sneak up and attack you, like a mugger. But like a mugger that steals your laughs. With a mixture of life stories and perspectives, Ben offers a fun way to view the awkward and uncomfortable topics of life.        A regular at The Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy club, Ben has hosted shows and opened for some of today's up and...

  • Cathy Lewis

    Cathy Lewis View Profile

                        Comedian Cathy Lewis has earned the respect and admiration from international audiences' to fellow comedians for her stellar humor and philanthropic endeavors. A lifelong survivor of Tectrology of Fallet – a congenital heart condition, Lewis has been a major contributor to the Adult Congenital Heart Association.  Bei...

  • D.J Lewis

    D.J Lewis View Profile

    Posted by Chattanooga Times Free Press on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 One of the hottest comedians to come out of  Chattanooga in years. D.J is hip and hilariuos. His comedy has been called "Gutterbilly", although hard to describe it is not hard to laugh with and at D.J. He has opened shows for Pauly Shore, Carlos Mencia , Josh Wolf and  Steve O. D....

  • Key Lewis

    Key Lewis View Profile

    This California born native is a high energy, improvisational, storytelling, multiple-personality nutcase! Key’s love for the people and hunger for the stage is his undying motivation. His comedic stories about his interracial childhood, family, and unusual views on relationships, make Key a gut-busting joy to watch. His ability to improvise and interact with all types of crowds makes this u...

  • Kimberly Lewis

    Kimberly Lewis View Profile

    Kimberly Lewis is a long-time faculty member at ACME Actors Studio @ ACME Comedy Hollywood, where she also directs and performs improv, writes and performs as a member of the mainstage sketch comedy company, and has won multiple awards for her original character work and writing. She is also a member of the award-winning improv troupe, the Liquid Radio Players, and guests with other top improv gro...

  • Matt Lewis

    Matt Lewis View Profile

    Matt would love for you to laugh at his jokes, but he'd rather you think about what he says and get a get nice colon-cleansing, wet the boxers laugh rehashing it with you. Matt doesn’t mind getting people out of their comfort zone and talking about his experiences. For example, moving from a farming community to a predominantly black high school after his parent’s divorce; his diver...

  • Nick Lewis

    Nick Lewis View Profile

    HBO Def Comedy Jam Performer/ 1996 HBO-TV BET Comic View Performer/ 1997-2003 BET-TV Comic X-cape Performer/ 1998 W B TV Bad Boys Of Comedy 2004 DVD Black Film Somebodies Fall 2005 USO Comedy Tour HEADLINER: Soul, Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Frankfort, Germany International Touring HEADLINER: Amsterdam, Holland; London, England; Rotterdam, Germany National Touring HEADLINER: Chicago, IL; Boston, MA;...

  • Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis View Profile

    RICHARD LEWIS BIOGRAPHY   Perhaps Mel Brooks put it best when he said, "Richard Lewis may just be the Franz Kafka of modern day comedy."   Lewis has taken his lifelong therapy fodder and carved it into a commanding, compelling art form. His early career as a stand-up brought him to the top of his ranks. Over time and through a variety of mediums, he broadened his...

  • Roberto Lewis

    Roberto Lewis View Profile

  • Thomas Lewis

    Thomas Lewis View Profile

  • Casey Ley

    Casey Ley View Profile

    Casey Ley’s comedy is silly. And smart. And dirty. And dark. And handsome. It’s a lot like him actually. So it is also self-centered, flakey and relatively promiscuous.   In 2014 he kicked it up a notch and headlined the Rainbow Connection Queer Comedy Tour or as it was described in a slightly homophobic review, "the gaygegaygaygegaygay comedy tour."   ...

  • Orlando Leyba

    Orlando Leyba View Profile

    Orlando Leyba is an American stand up comedian who connects with diverse audiences through his unique life experience, and perspective on everyday life. Orlando has a knack for finding humor in just about anything that crosses his path. With his animated demeanor, Orlando entertains the audiences through his dynamic storytelling and undeniable likeability allowing them to come along for...

  • Kris Lezetc

    Kris Lezetc View Profile

  • Edwin Li

    Edwin Li View Profile

  • Haddon Libby

    Haddon Libby View Profile

  •  Liberators - Rags To Riches

    Liberators - Rags To Riches View Profile

    Liberators: Rags To Riches Australia, March 2011, 7 min 33 sec. Music Video Synopsis: The blaxploitation music video for The Liberators - Rags To Riches. It's a movie within a music video: Introducing Leeroy, the most bad-ass brother to ever wear the badge. He's got a black belt in justice and a license in ass-whooping. He's so bad he makes Shaft look white! www.dontlookbackpictures.com

  • Avi Liberman

    Avi Liberman View Profile

     Avi Liberman's quirky style has made him a favorite in comedy clubs from Los Angeles to New York. Born in Israel, raised in Texas, having gone to college in New York, and now living in Los Angeles, his style is a winning combination of life experiences and topical issues told through a varied blend of characters and voices with worldwide expertise. Avi has performed stand-up comedy on CBS's...

  •  Liberty Laughter Live

    Liberty Laughter Live View Profile

  • Cindy Liebman

    Cindy Liebman View Profile

    Fun, fun, and more fun. I created an enviorment for many years people to come and put down their meds, literally..and laugh off their heads OFF! People have gone home with stomache cramps..not from the food, from laughter LA's finest up-coming comics along with CELEBRITY drop-ins all night long!! I have been hosting, performing, and producing comedy shows for over14years. My shows have industry dr...

  • Wendy Liebman

    Wendy Liebman View Profile

    Originally from Long Island, NY, Wendy Liebman started her career in Boston after taking a class at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education in How To Be A Stand-up Comedian. Since then she has been a regular on late night television, including Carson, Fallon, Letterman, Kimmel, Ferguson and Leno. Wendy has done half-hour specials for HBO and Comedy Central, and her first hour, “Wendy Liebma...

  • Gabe Liedman

    Gabe Liedman View Profile

  • Randy Liedtke

    Randy Liedtke View Profile

  • Riley Life

    Riley Life View Profile

  • Shelf Life

    Shelf Life View Profile

    Everyone wants to be successful.  Over time as becoming a rockstar or CEO becomes less attainable, personal definitions of success can change.  See the cast explore abandoned goals and attempt to find fulfillment in Shelf Life, a sketch comedy show about never letting go, even when you've let yourself go.

  • Jay Light

    Jay Light View Profile

  • Matt Light

    Matt Light View Profile

    Matt Light is an up-and-coming comedian who takes on every topic in life and twists them on their head with the perfect mix of charm and tell-it-like-it-is attitude. Now in remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, his  new outlook to make people laugh at life and death, and enjoy the silly observations of that comes with it, is contagious when he's on stage - as told on the front cover of the Pitt...

  • Soft Light, Shiny Puppy

    Soft Light, Shiny Puppy View Profile

  • Please Like Us

    Please Like Us View Profile

    An improvised comedy show inspired by the life you share online. Cast Kyle Austin Ashley Bright Terry Catlett Ben Pfeiffer Jonda Robinson Cesar Villa


    JEN LILLEY View Profile

    Mini Biography The daughter of a judge and a director of marketing/event planner, Jen Lilley was born in Roanoke, Virginia. She had wanted to become a singer since childhood, and in 2001 she garnered the National Educators award in Guatemala by giving multiple concerts for underprivileged Guatemalan youth. She moved to Los Angeles in the late summer of 2007 to pursue acting, and has since wo...

  • Julia Lillis

    Julia Lillis View Profile

    Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Julia is a talented stand-up and musical comedian. This snarky songstress is known for her quirky melodies and quick-witted lyrics. Her tunes gained national exposure in 2007 when she created and starred in the weekly comedy series “A Song by Julia!” for the E! Network; each week penning an original tune based on headlines in the gossip rags. Celebrity gossip ha...

  • Pedro Lima

    Pedro Lima View Profile

    Pedro brings you his comedic perspective in a low key, sarcastic style. Pedro takes the audience on his overwhelming journey of marriage, kids, growing up Hispanic and anything that might pop into his head at that moments notice. Whether it’s a small crowd or a crowded theater, he is sure to leave the audience laughing and remembering the 6’4” Rican Gorilla. Pedro has performed for the “National ...

  • Joseph Limbaugh

    Joseph Limbaugh View Profile

    Joseph Limbaugh is a native Oregonian of French, German and Scottish ancestry transplanted from Portland to Orlando to Georgia to Los Angeles. His credits include the television shows Scrubs, That 70's Show, Yes Dear, World Cup Comedy and The Loop. He started improvising in 1991 and hasn't stopped since. He is one of the original founders of Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. He is writing ...

  • Nikki Limo

    Nikki Limo View Profile

    Comedian, actress, and YouTube sensation known for her channel trickniks. She appeared in the web series Totally Sketch, Status Updates, BlackboxTV, and Funemployment.

  • Ria Lina

    Ria Lina View Profile

  • Mike Linden

    Mike Linden View Profile

  • Dave Lindenbaum

    Dave Lindenbaum View Profile

    The basement of the Ristra Lounge on Washington Street was packed on a recent night with Hobokenite Dave Lindenbaum's friends - a group that, because of his effusive personality and songwriting talent, has come to include people who have performed with him, people who've met him, people who've met people who've met him, people who've met people who've met people who've met him, and even a homeless...

  • Niki Lindgren

    Niki Lindgren View Profile

    Niki Lindgren found her love for performing in London, England, where she grew up as a military brat. She moved to Chicago to study improvisation with a BA in Theatre from James Madison University. Niki wrote and performed Immaculate Deception, Disposable Nation, and Pratfall of Civilization on The Second City etc. Prior to the resident stage, she toured with Second City’s National Touring...

  • Joel Lindley

    Joel Lindley View Profile

    You might have seen him in Boston Public, MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour, Conan O'Brian, and he is a regular on the BOB & TOM SHOW. Joel Lindley has been making people laugh for over 10 years. In addition to his TV appearances, Joel is one of the most requested acts on The Bob and Tom radio show. Over the last two years, he had sold over 10,000 comedy albums and made his characters (Trucker Clock, ...

  • Rob Lindo

    Rob Lindo View Profile

    Rob Lindo hails from Vancouver by way of Jamaica (that's a story for another day).  But he also lived in New Jersey and Washington, DC, before relocating to LA in 2008.  He has been involved in the LA stand-up community since 2009. Rob has been seen in various national commercials, on Atom TV, Johnny B. Homeless, Comedy Central, Break.com, and Funny or Die. Rob performs a...

  • Cody Lindquist

    Cody Lindquist View Profile

     Cody is an actress living and working in New York City. She has a BA in theatre from The George Washington University and worked in Washington DC with The Washington Stage Guild, Arena Stage and The National Players before moving to NYC in 2005. She has made appearances on The Today Show and several commercials including a campaign for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (yum!). She also played the p...

  • Mack Lindsay

    Mack Lindsay View Profile

    Mack enjoys performing and doing what he does.

  • Albert Linton

    Albert Linton View Profile

     I do more standup comedy than acting but I enjoy both equally. In any case, I've been doing both since the 1990s and continue to do as much as possible today.  I began acting and standup in Houston Tx, acting first.  After performing over the years in various venues and locations around the country, I moved to San Diego to take advantage of various opportunities that I arranged. &n...

  • Frank Liotti

    Frank Liotti View Profile

    Frank Liotti has been seen playing criminals on multiple episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Fox TV's Jonny Zero, Canturbury's Law with Julianna Margulies, and others. A graduate of Yale School of Drama, he landed the cover of The New York Times Arts & Leisure section for the production of "Cats Talk Back", a mocumentary of life as a cast ...

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