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  • Taquita Love

    Taquita Love View Profile

  • Luna Love St James

    Luna Love St James View Profile

    (Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus) Luna Love St James has been a female illusionist for 3 years. Impersonating stars such as Annie Lennox, Miley Cyrus and Lucille Ball to name a few. The moon is the limit for Luna as she plans to continue to grow as an entertainer and further her drag career. Luna is beyond ecstatic and cannot wait to see where this chapter of her life leads as a cast member of Illusi...

  • Jessica Lovelace-Chandler

    Jessica Lovelace-Chandler View Profile

  • Aaron Loveless

    Aaron Loveless View Profile

  • Self Loveless

    Self Loveless View Profile

  • Seth Loveless

    Seth Loveless View Profile

  • Bryan Lovell

    Bryan Lovell View Profile

    Bryan grew up in Palos Verdes, California and stuck pretty close to home. He graduated with film degree from Chapman University but found his way back in front of the camera. Bryan is an avid Harry Potter fan and a horrible poker player. You can catch him performing improv at ACME Comedy Theater Friday nights.

  • Doug Loves Movies Live Podcast

    Doug Loves Movies Live Podcast View Profile

    Comedian Doug Benson ("Super High Me" and Comedy Central's "The High Court") hosts a podcast where he talks to his hilarious special surprise guests about his first love…movies! To have a chance at winning some prizes, bring a movie themed name tag!

  • Julia LoVetere

    Julia LoVetere View Profile

    Los Angeles native, Julia LoVetere is a Hollywood based comedian who brings a humorous twist of her life to the stage inspired by her real life experiences of living and growing up in the raw and cut throat society of Los Angeles. Her comedic inspiration ranges from being the only grown Mexican woman in her family to NOT have kids to her nerdy obsessions such as horror movies and Star Wars. Julia ...

  • Jon Lovett

    Jon Lovett View Profile

    Jon Lovett is a straight shooter widely respected on all sides. He earned this reputation (which is seriously fantastic, ask people) as a speechwriter for Hillary Clinton and as a presidential speechwriter in the Obama White House. Jon has written truly excellent speeches, really great, on a range of policy issues. He helped write the president’s annual remarks to the White House Corresponde...

  • Lars Loving

    Lars Loving View Profile

  • Jon Lovitz

    Jon Lovitz View Profile

    Jon Lovitz has been one of the best known comedians for the last twenty years. He got his start acting in High School plays and developing his skills at the University of California, Irvine where he earned a B.A. in Drama. He also studied acting with Tony Barr at the Film Actors Workshop. At the advice of Tony Barr, Jon decided to concentrate solely on comedy. He began taking classes with ...

  • Huggy Lowdown

    Huggy Lowdown View Profile

    Huggy is the number one segment on the Tom Joyner morning show heard in over 115 markets across the country. Huggy hits every morning at 830EST 7:30CT giving the entertainment news and gossip for the last 3 to more 8 million Tom Joyner listeners. Before Joyner Huggy spent 8 years on the Donnie Simpson show on WPGC in D.C., Where he was voted D.C.'s favorite radio personality. Huggy is also ...

  • Huggy Lowdown & Chris Paul

    Huggy Lowdown & Chris Paul View Profile

    Huggy just taped the Shaq All Star Comedy Special which will air on Showtime in February and starred in two seasons of "Love That Girl" on TV One!  Huggy and Chris Paul can also be heard very morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on Hot 105.

  • Hillary Lowe

    Hillary Lowe View Profile

  • Marc Lowe

    Marc Lowe View Profile

    Marc Lowe is a Los Angeles area stand-up comedian, writer and improviser. He has been performing comedy in various capacities, from stand-up to sketch for over ten years. He now performs regularly at the Westside Comedy Theater, in Santa Monica, California, as a house team improviser and is a writer/performer on the sketch team, Dull Boy Jack. His comic studies range from the professional (...

  • The Lower 48

    The Lower 48 View Profile

  • Emily Lowinger

    Emily Lowinger View Profile

  • Adam Lowitt

    Adam Lowitt View Profile

     Adam Lowitt is an Emmy award winning Supervising Producer at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and has been a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. He regularly opens for comedians such as Rob Riggle, Wyatt Cenac, Larry Wilmore, and Demetri Martin.

  • Peter Lownds

    Peter Lownds View Profile

    Peter may be the only member of Fake Radio who actually heard these radio shows as an impressionable boychick. Bogart, Welles, Rathbone, Kiley and DeMille were his auditory avatars. He is pleased to recreate them for you. Peter is a teacher, a poet, a Ph.D, an actor, a translator, a novelist, a boarding houseowner, a Dad, a drummer and a samba-dancer (ask him for a demonstration after the show...)...

  • Brad Lowrey

    Brad Lowrey View Profile

    Brad is a common sight on the college scene, as he performs in excess of 200 colleges per year. Lowery can definitely hold his own on the stage. In addition to appearing on numerous television shows, including NBC’s “Showtime at the Apollo” twice, he has also opened for such comedians as Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Tommy Davidson and now D.L. Hughley. Brad has also appeared on ...

  • Angelo Lozada

    Angelo Lozada View Profile

    Hailed as one of the top 50 Latino comics in the U.S., Bronx native Angelo Lozada attributes his upbringing in the boogie-down for his comedic stylings. His career has included stand-up, sketch comedy, writing, theater and film. His television stand-up credits include NBC’s Showtime at the Apollo, BET’s Comic View, SiTV’s Latino Laugh Festival, and most recently, Martin Lawrence ...

  • Angelo Lozado

    Angelo Lozado View Profile

    Angelo Lozada is the founder of the sketch comedy group Nuyorican Rule. As a standup comedian he has worked in such venues as the Apollo, Stand Up NY and Caroline's to name a few. Television credits include NBC's "Showtime At The Apollo", BET's "Comic View" and Metrotv's "New Joke City." Angelo prides himself in being able to do his comedy in both English and Spanish....

  • Yola Lu

    Yola Lu View Profile

    Yola Lu is a stand up comedian based out of Austin, TX. She is a member of the sketch comedy troupe "Renegade(s)". She has performed at Bumbershoot Arts Fest in Seattle, Seattle SketchFest, and is a founding member of Dis/orient/ed Comedy, the first and only mostly female, Asian American comedy tour.     

  • Randy Lubas

    Randy Lubas View Profile

     Randy Lubas has performed Comedy for over 30 years in 42 of the United States, 4 Canadian Provinces, and all over the world on Cruise Ships. He has appeared 23 times on National TV, incuding Comedy Central and Showtime. He has produced thousands of live shows, and 70 episodes of West Coast Comedy, now seen on Hulu and on Standupbits.com. He owns Jr's Comedy Club in Valencia, CA and Ventura H...

  • Al Lubel

    Al Lubel View Profile

    Al Lubel became a lawyer to satisfy his mother and quit to become a comedian to satisfy his sadistic need to torture her. After graduating law school in Florida, Al moved to California, passed the bar exam on his first try and immediately began the practice of standup comedy.   Al practiced law during the day and comedy at night. Getting stage time is hard for a beginning comic...

  • Jason Lucas

    Jason Lucas View Profile

  • Mike Lucas

    Mike Lucas View Profile

  • Nicole Lucas

    Nicole Lucas View Profile

  • Frank Lucero

    Frank Lucero View Profile

    Frank appeared on New Mexico Styles Morning show cooking breakfast!!  What a treat to show his Quock Quock recipe! Frank also appeared on The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada in New Mexico! Frank also appeared on Latino 101 on SiTV. Laughing at those Mariachis once more! Frank taped Bill Bellemy's Who's Got Jokes in Las Vegas at the Luxor. It aired on TV One in the fall of 2...

  • Tom Lucero

    Tom Lucero View Profile

    Tommy Lucero is a San Diego based comedian thats performed in San Diego and Los Angeles. He can be seen on the weekly show called Nuglife Radio (nugliferadioshow.com). He's performed at numerous San Diego comedy showcases at such places as the La Jolla Comedy Store and The Comedy Palace .

  • Tommy Lucero

    Tommy Lucero View Profile

    Tommy Lucero performs all over San Diego at various venues for Showcases and participates in Nuglife Radio on Nugliferadioshow.com. Has performed at both the Los Angeles and San Diego Comedy Store to sold out crowds at both venues.

  • Bruno Lucia

    Bruno Lucia View Profile

    One of Australia's most popular corporate comedians and television personalities, Bruno Lucia has well and truly earned his comedy stripes playing the live stand up comedy circuit around Australia, the UK and the USA. Bruno's list of international stand up comedy credits include Rascals Comedy Hour on HBO, in The USA, Catch a Rising Star in New York and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. In the UK, ...

  • Chris Luciano

    Chris Luciano View Profile

    For over 20 years Comedy Hypnotist Chris Luciano has entertained, amazed and captivated audiences across the US and the Caribbean with his unique comedy hypnosis show. A recognized authority on hypnosis, comedy, and corporate entertainment, Chris has combined and packaged his unparalleled comedy and hypnosis skills to create a truly unique form of entertainment sought after by top corporate even...

  • Adam Lucidi

    Adam Lucidi View Profile

    Pittsburgh native Adam Lucidi has been performing all over the Northeast, bringing a sarcastic and sometimes nostalgic view of his life and the world around him. Whether he's talking about Uniontown (where he grew up), being a "buckist," or his common sense fight against book smarts, Adam brings his "boy next door charm with a sharp tongue," to various venues all over the country! If he's performi...

  • Carolyn Noel Luckett

    Carolyn Noel Luckett View Profile

         Carolyn Noel Luckett is a newcomer to Comedy and enjoys sharing her dating adventures and life experiences with her audiences. Carolyn is a divorced Mother of two who is at the age of 45 telling her side of the story about what its like  for her to be out there in the dating world once again. She has a somewhat innocent approach to Comedy and her fans love the fact th...

  • Eric Ludwig

    Eric Ludwig View Profile

  • Andy Lugo

    Andy Lugo View Profile

  • James Lujan

    James Lujan View Profile

  • Matthew Lumpkin

    Matthew Lumpkin View Profile

  • Rodney Lumpkins

    Rodney Lumpkins View Profile

  • Selene Luna

    Selene Luna View Profile

    A trail-blazing little person in the entertainment world, Selene Luna, at 3’10″, is a small package with a very big presence. A veteran of the stage and screen, Selene cut her teeth performing in clubs and art venues, and quickly became a darling of Hollywood’s underground scene. An original member of the Velvet Hammer Burlesque, Luna tours internationally and performs...

  • Mark Lundholm

    Mark Lundholm View Profile

    Clean and sober since 1988, Mark Lundholm is a former criminal, mental patient, homeless wino, resident in a halfway house who started poking fun at the insanity his life had become. This process continued and gained momentum, and in a short time an incredibly talented and energetic entertainer emerged. Beginning with a successful standup comedy career through 50 states and 10 foreign countri...

  • Anni Lundy

    Anni Lundy View Profile

    Anni Lundy is a Miss Arizona ex-beauty queen from Phoenix, Arizona. She received her B.A. in Theatre from Grand Canyon University and her pageant titles from starving herself. She loves being apart of ACME Comedy Theatre were she can let her freak flag fly. Since she is married, she intends to compete in the Mrs. America Pageant, because she wants to win a washer/dryer.

  • Erik Lundy

    Erik Lundy View Profile

  • Chad Lurie

    Chad Lurie View Profile

    Chad Lurie was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He fought his way off the mean streets of Highland Park and chased his dream all the way to Los Angeles, CA. Once that failed, he turned to stand up comedy. Chad has been seen all over LA. From the biggest clubs (Laugh Factory, Comedy Story, etc...) to the smallest alt comedy shows. While mildly NSWF, Chad likes to recount the pains of life, marriage ...

  • Pamela Luss

    Pamela Luss View Profile

  • Adam lustick

    Adam lustick View Profile

     Adam Lustick is an actor and writer. He performs sketch comedy weekly at the PIT with the Harvard Sailing Team and raps rap music monthly at the UCB with his rap group, Snakes. He has appeared in TV commercials for Hershey's, NY Lotto, Slim Jim, Pontiac and more. He studied acting at NYU and RADA in London. Hometown: n/a

  • Cisco Lution

    Cisco Lution View Profile

    Cisco is an American comedian, made with Mexican parts. His name is not of the household variety... yet! But since 2003, Cisco has been taking the necessary steps to arrive at that exclusive destination. His bilingual talents have made him a stand-up success in London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, as well as other metropolitan cities, always leaving a great and lasting impression behind. In 200...

  • John Lutz

    John Lutz View Profile

     John Lutz has been improvising for 15 years. He performed at the Improv Olympic and The Second City in Chicago. He was a writer on Saturday Night Live for 6 years. You can currently see him playing the role of Lutz on "30 Rock." Hometown: n/a

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