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  • Erik Lundy

    Erik Lundy View Profile

  • Chad Lurie

    Chad Lurie View Profile

    Chad Lurie was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He fought his way off the mean streets of Highland Park and chased his dream all the way to Los Angeles, CA. Once that failed, he turned to stand up comedy. Chad has been seen all over LA. From the biggest clubs (Laugh Factory, Comedy Story, etc...) to the smallest alt comedy shows. While mildly NSWF, Chad likes to recount the pains of life, marriage ...

  • Pamela Luss

    Pamela Luss View Profile

  • Adam lustick

    Adam lustick View Profile

     Adam Lustick is an actor and writer. He performs sketch comedy weekly at the PIT with the Harvard Sailing Team and raps rap music monthly at the UCB with his rap group, Snakes. He has appeared in TV commercials for Hershey's, NY Lotto, Slim Jim, Pontiac and more. He studied acting at NYU and RADA in London. Hometown: n/a

  • Cisco Lution

    Cisco Lution View Profile

    Cisco is an American comedian, made with Mexican parts. His name is not of the household variety... yet! But since 2003, Cisco has been taking the necessary steps to arrive at that exclusive destination. His bilingual talents have made him a stand-up success in London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, as well as other metropolitan cities, always leaving a great and lasting impression behind. In 200...

  • John Lutz

    John Lutz View Profile

     John Lutz has been improvising for 15 years. He performed at the Improv Olympic and The Second City in Chicago. He was a writer on Saturday Night Live for 6 years. You can currently see him playing the role of Lutz on "30 Rock." Hometown: n/a

  • Freez Luv

    Freez Luv View Profile

    Freez Luv aka Paul Farmer, born in Los Angeles California in Dec 1965. Paul was raised in Altadena CA. The third of four children, to Vern and Janet Farmer (two hardworking, yet commendably humorous parents). Whether it was family, people in the neighborhood or friends at school, Freeze could always make people laugh. On several occasions groups would gather after school to hear Freeze “S...

  • Radomir Luza

    Radomir Luza View Profile

  • Eric Lyden

    Eric Lyden View Profile

    Eric Lyden’s sarcastic and self deprecating style of comedy celebrates the life and struggles of the working class hero. After dropping out of community college and failing to get promoted at Sears, Eric pursued stand-up comedy… the only career that actually encouraged his philosophy that “Life is way to hard”. Making his lower middle class existence and lack of success the focal point of his c...

  • Keith Lyle

    Keith Lyle View Profile

     Keith Lyle was born and raised on the mean streets of Chicago. Well... It was the suburbs, but it was still tough. His house was filled with the loud, loving tirades of his family. Having been immersed in a 2 parent home, the yelling never stopped. Because of this, he had a difficult time fitting in at school. Realizing that making people laugh is truly a gift that keeps on giving, Keith b...

  • Brendan Lynch

    Brendan Lynch View Profile

  • Carmen Lynch

    Carmen Lynch View Profile

    Carmen Lynch is a NYC-based comedian who recently made her second appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. She's been a semi-finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing and has performed several times for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait. Carmen has also appeared on Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer & HBO Canada's Funny As Hell. For other exciting stuff follow her on twitter ...

  • Drew Lynch

    Drew Lynch View Profile

    Originally from Indianapolis, Drew Lynch moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 with aspirations of becoming an actor. While living in Los Angeles, a softball injury left Drew with a severe stutter, limiting his chances of acting in front of the camera. Determined to move forward Drew turned to stand-up comedy and in 2015, he captured the hearts of America with hi...

  • Drew Lynch

    Drew Lynch View Profile

    America's Got Talent runner-up Originally from Indianapolis, Drew Lynch moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 with aspirations of becoming an actor. While living in Los Angeles, a softball injury left Drew with a severe stutter, limiting his chances of acting in front of the camera. Determined to move forward Drew turned to stand-up comedy and in 201...

  • Gus Lynch

    Gus Lynch View Profile

    Gus Lynch has opened for some of the biggest names in comedy including David Allen Grier, Harland Williams, TJ Miller, and Doug Stanhope. As an actor, he has over two dozen feature film and television appearances and has worked on screen with Owen Wilson, Charlize Theron, Jack Black, and Crisping Glover, among others. He appears on the Stand Up! Records compilation CD "Nerd Alert" and holds the...

  • Jane Lynch

    Jane Lynch View Profile

  • Molly Lynch

    Molly Lynch View Profile

    Originally from Buffalo NY, Molly Lynch has been performing ever since the age of five. As a championship Irish dancer, she travelled internationally for competitions. This eventually led her to work in local theatre which developed her passion for acting. After moving to Los Angeles, Molly studied with the renowned Second City program and recently graduated from their Conservatory Program. Sh...

  • Ron Lynch

    Ron Lynch View Profile

    RON LYNCH is considered one of the forefathers of alternative comedy.  Ron was part of the Boston comedy scene that spawned such comics as Steven Wright, Paula Poundstone, Bobcat Goldthwait, Marc Maron, and others featured in the documentary, "When Comedy Was King".  Ron studied theater in New York, and improvisation at Second City Chicago.  Presently, he is the host/produ...

  • Stephen Lynch

    Stephen Lynch View Profile

    Whether he's singing an ode to an ailing grandfather (and the inheritance that his death will bring), breaking up with a girlfriend because of her racial make-up (she's just "too white"), or opening the door to his mind to let the voices inside his head sing out, Lynch is a self-proclaimed "musician trapped in the body of a comedian." His unique blend of musical based comedy has earned him fiercel...

  • Na'im Lynn

    Na'im Lynn View Profile

    The surest thing to come out of Jersey happened way before MTV was even a reality. But you can blame it on the moon men or some other inter-galactic event, but there’s no denying that the universe was blessed on March 15, 1978 with the descent of Na’im “4000” Lynn, landing in a small town named Hillside, two miles east of Newark Liberty Airport (even then he was so fly he w...

  • Todd Lynn

    Todd Lynn View Profile

     Todd Lynn is on a roll. Having fine-tuned his act as a touring stand-up comedian for a number of years, Todd's time has come. Armed with the experience of countless clubs and universities, Todd is now taking his act to a new level. Having already appeared four times on BET's Comic View and written for Comedy Central's Comic Groove, Todd's broad appeal has earned him appearances on CBS's &qu...

  • Mary Lynn Rajskub

    Mary Lynn Rajskub View Profile

    Mary Lynn Rajskub has established herself as a versatile and dynamic actress, writer and performer through impressive television and film roles, as well as stand-out live performances. Her fan-favorite role as computer genius Chloe O’Brian on FOX’s smash hit 24 helped earn the show a 2006 Emmy win for Best Drama, as well as 2006 and 2005 SAG nominations for Outstanding Performance b...

  • Andie Lynne

    Andie Lynne View Profile

     Andie Lynne began her comedy career in morning radio, writing jokes and skits and submitting bits to radio & TV show prep services until someone told her she needed to get on stage and perform. In 2002 she atteneded her first open mic in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was hooked. Since then she's performed throughout the northeast, Tennessee & Kentucky. She's also still writing for rad...

  • Robyn Lynne Norris

    Robyn Lynne Norris View Profile

    Robyn has been performing, teaching and coaching improv for over ten years. In Chicago, she coached and taught at ComedySportz and toured with the Second City. Robyn has led several corporate and team-building workshops through Second City, Dave & Co and Imagination Theater. As a performer, she most recently wrote and performed in the Second City Las Vegas mainstage show. Robyn currently li...

  • Grant Lyon

    Grant Lyon View Profile

      Starting his career in the vibrant San Francisco comedy scene, San Francisco Weekly described Grant as “a hilariously sharp observer, not one of those tired white-guy bellyachers.” A former collegiate soccer player, Grant decided to pursue a career on stage instead of on the field. In 2014, he won the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival beating out comedians from all over th...

  • Joyce Lyons

    Joyce Lyons View Profile

    Having moved to Minnesota in 2009, Joyce returns to the Metropolitan Room with old songs, new songs and stories to tell! Joyce Lyons Originally from Gaithersburg, MD was born to perform. Ms. Lyons (BA, Voice Performance; Colorado Women’s College; member AEA and SAG), has performed nationally in New York, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, ...

  • Paul Lyons

    Paul Lyons View Profile

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