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  • Matt Fugate

    Matt Fugate View Profile

    Matt Fugate has spent his entire adult life (and most of his childhood, really) developing and honing his particular brand of wry wit, incisive observations, and polished-yet-genuine stage presence. As a matter of fact, you could say the secret ingredient of his comedy is love. You could say that, but given that you would be mocked unmercifully for it, you probably shouldn't. Matt's talents...

  • John Fugelsang

    John Fugelsang View Profile

    15 FACTS ABOUT JOHN FUGELSANG 1. He interviewed Paul McCartney in London, and George Harrison in New York – in the same week. (This was before VH1 became the “Washed-Up-Celebrity-In-Hot-Tub” network.) 2. He appeared on “Politically Incorrect” more than 20 times and Bill Maher called him ‘one of my favorite comedians’. 3. He is Irish, Danish and German; ...

  • Matt Fulchiron

    Matt Fulchiron View Profile

     Known to those in the know as “The Full Charge,” Matt Fulchiron hardly lives up to his nickname. Worn down by relationships, adult responsibilities, and limited resources; Fulchiron coasts through his life and his act with a sarcastic and defeated outlook. Matt has performed on the television shows “Comedy Central Presents,” “Live at Gotham,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Last Comic ...

  • JL Fulks

    JL Fulks View Profile

    Jeffrey Lynn Fulks Jr. now known as JL Fulks was born in Fountain Inn, South Carolina in 1990. At age 13, he began playing guitar, after being inspired by his father's love for the blues. JL’s immediate prowess with the instrument led to him joining The Praise Band at Pleasant Grove Christian Academy. When his father noticed his son’s abilities, he gave him the Stevie Ray Vaughan a...

  • Sadiki Fuller

    Sadiki Fuller View Profile

  • Sonny Fuller

    Sonny Fuller View Profile

    One of the most powerfully funny comics working in the area today. Sonny's raw, "in your face" style has led to many opportunities to work with some of the top comics in the country including Damon Wayans, Jim Norton, and Dave Attell. 

  • Sonny Fuller

    Sonny Fuller View Profile

    One of the most powerfully funny comics working in the area today. Sonny's raw, "in your face" style has led to many opportunities to work with some of the top comics in the country including Damon Wayans, Jim Norton, and Dave Attell.

  •  Fully Famous

    Fully Famous View Profile

    Fully Famous Australia - January 2011 USA Premiere Short Film/Music Video Synopsis: Fully Famous is a short film about Chanel and Raquel - two Australian girls who will do anything to become famous. Fully famous. Fully fully full on famous.

  • David Fulton

    David Fulton View Profile

  • Ron Funches

    Ron Funches View Profile

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 18.0px Helvetica} Ron Funches is a very funny stand up comedian with a unique delivery and lovable demeanor. You just want to hug and squeeze him like a big stuffed bear. His easy going, inventive style sounds the way fresh chocolate chip cookies taste. Ron performs stand up all over the United States impr...

  • JDRF Fundraiser

    JDRF Fundraiser View Profile

    Join us for some Sunday afternoon improv, hosted by the JDRF Greater Dallas Chapter's Young Leadership Committee! Doors open at 3, and show-goers are invited to mingle with the Committee to learn more about local events, including Brew the Cure in June! Then at 4 we'll head into the theater for an hour and a half of laughs. The show features the improv troupes Tabooze and Primary Colours, ...

  • AZ Funniest 5

    AZ Funniest 5 View Profile

  • Florida's Funniest Comedian

    Florida's Funniest Comedian View Profile

  • Jermaine Funnymaine Johnson

    Jermaine Funnymaine Johnson View Profile

    Jermaine "FunnyMaine" Johnson is a professional comedian, radio personality & internet superstar from Birmingham, AL. Johnson is a lifelong of the Alabama Crimson Tide and his "How Bama Fans" videos on Facebook and youtube have taken the southeast by storm averaging over 1.5 million viewers per week!            &nbs...

  • Ardie Fuqua

    Ardie Fuqua View Profile

  • Jaqi Furback

    Jaqi Furback View Profile

  • Stephen Furey

    Stephen Furey View Profile

  • Ed Furman

    Ed Furman View Profile

    Ed Furman (Co-Writer) is a co-author of the wildly popular Rush Limbaugh the Musical and Rod Balgojevich: Superstar with Mr. TJ Shanoff and Chicago’s longest running musical Co-ed Prison Sluts (Annoyance Theatre). He has co-written shows in conjunction with theatres in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Philly, and Arizona. He also wrote and performed in three Mainstage Second City revues. Since leavin...

  • Derek Furtado

    Derek Furtado View Profile

    A contagiously energetic comedian from New England who has performed from one coast to the other. Derek’s style of comedy brings uncomfortable moments to life with his attention to detail that will have you relieved you’re not the only one who feels “that way.” Derek is a 6 time finalist of the Catch a New Rising Star Competition, 2012's Last Comix Standing Win...

  •  Fuzzy Connections

    Fuzzy Connections View Profile

    Fuzzy Connections Los Angels, CA - December 2010 - 19 min. World Premiere Short Film Synopsis: "Fuzzy Connections" is a quirky dark comedy that follows two best friends, Clarence and Schmiddy, on their path to re-conciliation after a falling out. Will Schmiddy forgive Clarence for becoming a sex crazed drug addict and leaving their friendship behind? They eventually must overcome their differ...

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